La Rihla débarque à Beyrouth

L’année 2017 – 2018 marque le retour sur les routes du documentaire réalisé par Hajar Chokairi, Mehdi Drissi et Oumayma Ajarrai en 2015. Rihla, sur les sentiers culturels du monde arabe, questionne la notion d’arabité tout en retraçant le parcours de l’ONORIENTOUR. En suivant le chemin de nos trois voyageurs, les projections du films traversent le frontières et nous permettent de compiler les réponses à cette question « Qu’est ce qu’être arabe?« . Après des projections au Maroc, en Algérie et en Tunisie, la Rihla arrive enfin au Liban.

Plusieurs artistes ont répondu à notre appel pour marquer la première projection du film à Beyrouth qui aura lieu à Onomotopoeia, the music hub. 

Programme de la soirée

Onomatopeia, the music hub - Sioufi - Achrafieh
19.00 : Frida Chehlaoui et son groupe 

Frida Chehlaoui, compositrice, chanteuse et guitariste parmi ses multiples casquettes, cultive sa langue arabe dans l’écriture de ses compositions. Pour débuter la soirée, elle nous envoûtera en interprétant quelques créations de son répertoire accompagnée de Elie Margi (guitar & voix) Patrick Abi Abdallah (wavedrum & co.) Mario Yazbeck (Djembe) Charbel Hajj (Basse).

Revolver Sessions: Frida – Live at The Citadel

Revolver Sessions continue with Frida serenading The Citadel with her dreamy Arabic soul vibes.Film by LittletreeSound by DBM Productions

Posted by Revolver on Wednesday, August 17, 2016

20.00 : Rihla, sur les sentiers culturels du monde arabe

21.00 : Panel de discussion

Charbel Samuel Aoun et Alfred Tarazi qui ont fait partie de l’aventure ONORIENTOUR et apparaissent dans le documentaire seront présents dans le panel de discussion suivant le film, afin d’ouvrir le débat sur la notion d’arabité. Noel Kesserwany et Mazen El Sayed (El-Rass) les accompagneront pour partager leur point de vue sur la question, avant que la parole ne soit laissée au public.


Alfred Tarazi
In 2004, he graduated with a degree in graphic design from the American University of Beirut. In 2011 he completed a residency at Krinzinger Projekte in Vienna, and has held two solo shows since then with Galerie Krinzinger, one of Europe’s leading contemporary art galleries. His entire body of work, ranging across painting, photography, drawing, digital collage, sculpture and installation, revolves around complex historical investigations into the ultimate event horizon of the Lebanese Civil War. With merciless realism intersecting both fiction and historiography, the artist articulates the spectacle of war as a syntax of the unimaginable, broken down piecemeal to a lived present. This archaeology of the now-time does not aim to restore, but rather, to represent a historical condition through fragments of anomaly and singularity. 
Noel Keserwany 

Holds a masters degree in Advertising and works as a freelancer, creating awareness campaigns (creative direction, writing, illustration and animation) for NGOs and cultural organizations. Along with her sister Michelle, Noel released several music videos that went viral on social media and were played on premium TV stations in Lebanon. Growing up in an artistic background, Michelle and Noel have been constantly inspired by society and its marvels. Their videos tackle serious matters and issues from daily life in Lebanon in an entertaining way. In May 2018, in the context of Parliamentary elections in Lebanon, the two sisters released a new video, « Men 3id w men 3id » (« Over and over again »).

Charbel Samuel Aoun
Holds a master’s degree in architecture (2004). During the following five years he worked as a conceptual designer in several architectural firms in Beirut and explored the fields of audiovisual and theatre. At the same time, he started creating a wild garden, combining hundreds of varieties of plants and trees. In his work he combines his education as an architect and his passion for nature, experimenting with different materials and elements. He thereby creates a system that both examines and questions social and environmental realities. The choice of the medium is part of an experience: the viewer is invited to embark on a sensual journey, where the rational and the emotional are triggered through a multisensory contact with the material. Several collectors and institutions such as the Royal Family of Emirates, Raymond Audi, Jean Marc Decrop, Abraham Karabajakian, and the Tate Modern museum collected the artist’s work.
Mazen El Sayed (aka Al Rass)
He is a rapper, musician and journalist from Tripoli, Lebanon. He studied economics and finance in France after which he worked in the banking field for a brief period. He then returned to Lebanon where he worked as a journalist for Assafir during three years, and for AlModon as head of the arab and international affairs department. He is known to the new Arabic audience through his two albums with the music maker Munma, « Kachf Al Mahjoub » (2012) and « Adam, Darwin wal Batrik » (2014) but also « Idarat al-Tawahoch » (2016) or « Al Riyada wal Adab » (2017), in addition to many singles solo or with other rappers and musicians.

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Une autre projection aura lieu le 29 Mai à Dar El-Nimer à Beyrouth à 18h.

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