Arab Excellence Initiative or the promotion of inspiring Arab leaders

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 » Believe what you see and lay aside what you hear  »

This famous Arab proverb perfectly depicts the purpose of Arab Excellence initiative and explains the whole philosophy behind this association whose members are mainly moroccan students.

When one refers to the Arab world today, pessimism and stereotypes very quickly crop up. According to a lot of people, this region is basically plagued by wars and turmoil, unstable and doomed to failure. The sad thing about this global stereotypes is that they even spread among Arab people themselves and lead them to imagine that success can’t be fulfilled without crossing the borders, escaping their territories and denying their culture. The western world becomes their promised land and their culture a fading memory they’re barely attached to.

One of the reasons that account for this matter is that young people are in need of references and lack iconic Arab figures they can inspire from when they’re making choices and constructing their identity. But actually  » Whether aside or far from their country of origin, many brilliant Arab figures are developing our world’s dynamism in different areas. Most of them represent great role models » as the Arab excellence association puts it. Whether they are artists, sportsmen, businessmen or writers, successful Arab leaders exert influence all over the world and somehow contribute to making Arab culture thrive and spread.

To promote these figures and build a strong network, Arab Excellence World Tour intends to meet and interview Arab role models, to share their experiences and inspire the young generations.

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